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We see disruption trends in many sectors and the development of digitalization can connect the world fast and securely. Education has become accessible more than ever, just at your fingertips. Whereas energy demand has become the main priority in our day to day lives, let alone in business operations. As we witness this big gap between the two core living standards, why don’t we bridge these two in the same basket, and provide a better understanding and promote it to everyone concerned.

We started off in Thailand where we have sunshine all year long but back then, the only group of people who truly understand how Solar Energy works are merely those who are in the related sectors. Most of the time, it is the big conglomerates who deal in large scale power plants or working with power utilities while normal citizens have limited knowledge about the benefits of the solar system that they can implement at their home or any premises to generate electricity for self-consumption.

Today we have extended our product in order to reach out to many more locations and distribute the knowledge, benefits and awareness to all.

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